My Awards    - WPPI Silver Award 2016    - Fearless Award Winner

Chad Pennington

“Wether you are doing work for $10 or $10000 - Do the same Work.” - My Mom

No one told me that I would grow up to be a photographer, I loved playing with G.I. Joe action figures, Match Box Cars and of course my Hess Trucks that I received every Christmas.

I knew art would soon meet me; I just didn't know where.

Speed up to the times now and I still love to create and have fun, it’s what I do and love (Next to Jesus and my Family) it’s the only outlet where I can fully explore and be a kid trapped in an adult body.

The photos I produce for your wedding are 100% me on the inside.

I love to shoot weddings all over the globe and Brooklyn, NY is home for me, but there is one caveat: You must be fun and madly in love with each other - PDA is a Must.

My Awards

- WPPI Silver Award 2016

- Fearless Award Winner