Is this a workshop for beginners?

While all levels are welcomed I think you should be able to at least know how to expose an image properly.  The better you are at this, the better your experience  will be.

We may touch on this a bit just to make sure everyone is on the same playing field.


There are tons of workshops out there Why Closer?

Of course, we will shoot, go over my workflow, my album process, light, composition, etc.

Closer will be more than just photography and business as you will see me open up about my life and how that has pushed me to where I am today.  You will learn how your life will become the style that makes you.

What kind of gear should I bring?

Bring your standard wide and short lenses that you use, laptop for note taking, memory cards battery chargers, comfortable clothing for walking and an open heart.


What about Hotel, Meals and getting around?

I will send you info about where to stay as some may want to stay in more elaborate or less elaborate rooms.  I will ask if a few of you want to room with each other to split the cost and form new friendships. Continental Breakfast and Lunch are on me.  We will hit up a spot for dinner afterwards.

If you want to rent a car and carpool to explore NYC afterwards is cool but New York is known for its subway system.

Even the mayor takes the train to work.